APCS [Full Meng Qi/Ciat Lonbarde Build]

from Tripping on Wires

APCS is a MengQi PCB of a Peter B/Ciat-Lonbarde instrument (Aluminium Phosphate Crystal Simulation) and I acquired it through trading a Nobsrine PCB. It’s got 11 patch points (3.5mm jack) also wired with momentary push buttons. The buttons mean you can play without any patching. For my money though, combinations of buttons, patch leads, and touch interface thingies (also see in the shop) are the most fun/playable. Also note, the way the patch points/buttons are wired means that you can use one or the other. No harm will come from pushing a button that's also plugged in but no benefit either.

This is typically Blasser in so much as its fizzes, crackles, groans, and squarks. There's also some more siren-ish sounds and the playing varies from feeling super responsive to a bit laggy. It's got its own weird feel.

The case is assembled out of OSB offcuts with supporting rails for the top inside, and a strip of aluminium for the output jack. It’s got one 3.5mm output. It’s 9V battery powered only (wall power and touch interfaces are scary business) and the battery snap hangs outside of the body. Simply plug a battery in to turn it on, and disconnect to turn it off. There’s an LED in under the acrylic so you know if it’s on or not.

Finally, the top panel has been milled with a CNC cutter and inlayed with silicone sealed acrylic salvaged from the bin at my studios. This was a bit more interesting a combination for OSB and CNC and I like the results.

I’ve been sporadically finishing stuff from the unfinished pile. I’ve also been trying to utilise a bunch of spare wood (leftover from building some storage for the studio). It’s mostly OSB/Chipboard so not the prettiest. Finally, I’ve also been using this as an opportunity to test and trial different approaches and ways of working - such as getting to grips with a CNC cutter. Pricing reflects these aspects, they’re a bit like prototypes and therefore a bit cheaper.

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