Contact Microphone [2m 1/4" plug]

from Tripping on Wires

Stick 'em on everything. Grab a bit of blu-tack, a peg, gaffer tape, an elastic band, bulldog clip, whatever... and a contact mic, to amplify objects, electronify your acoustic instruments, reveal hidden sound worlds, make loud scrapey-clatterings, record the low hiss of your central heating system.

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Contact Mic's come in a number of varieties and these ones utilise an epoxy resin backing to both strengthen (they're far from indestructible but still tough as nails) and balance out their acoustic properties.

Examples... you want examples. Contact Mic's I've made like this have been used by performance artists to amplify attacking a log with a child's toy axe made from frozen urine - pretty tough stuff. I've also recorded some comparisons to identify the positive benefits for sound quality an epoxy backing gives. For more details see <a href="">this</a>... TL;DR it dampens the piezo element's resonant frequencies that 'colour' the sound of contact microphones.

They're a great mix of strong and dependable with sound quality comparable to much higher-end (and priced) equipment.

Hand-made with 2 metres of high quality shielded instrument cable, a 1/4" jack, and a durable epoxy backing.

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Tripping on Wires Sheffield, UK

Tripping on Wires is a home for DIY Audio Electronics. Specialising in Contact Microphones, Miniature Vibration Speakers, and experimental circuit builds.

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