Lil Sidrassi Noise Touch-Synth in Radio Enclosure w/ Built-In Speaker and Line-Out

from Tripping on Wires

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This is a custom build of a Peter Blasser/Ciat-Lonbarde 'Lil Sidrassi' housed inside a vintage radio enclosure. It's made on PCB (rather than paper) which is more robust. It's been tuned to a version of my own personal configuration of capacitors. It's played by touch through making contact between the various wires sticking out of it. They can be twisted together or you could even use crocodile clips if wanted. It uses its own built-in speaker for portable playing or can be plugged into an amp or mixer etc. via a 3.5mm mono jack. Lil Sid's audio output can be a bit rubbish plugged into speakers and so I've tapped the line-out from the best possible spot for the best sound quality output. It runs off of a 9V battery.

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Tripping on Wires Sheffield, UK

Tripping on Wires is a home for DIY Audio Electronics. Specialising in Contact Microphones, Miniature Vibration Speakers, and experimental circuit builds.

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