Mini Vibration Speaker [1m 3.5mm plug]

from Tripping on Wires

These miniature vibration speaker elements are ideal for making small objects vibrate and resonate. You could use them to turn unusual objects into speakers for sound installations or performances (they are audible but aren't big and loud enough to compete with amplified instruments). Or you could use them in combination with contact microphones to 'filter' sounds through materials or to create physical feedback paths that respond to the harmonics and resonances of 'stuff'.

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These are primarily designed to work with the 'Speaker' out on a Koma Field Kit but could also be used with any amplifier suitable to drive an 8 Ohm speaker up to 1 Watt.

They are made by hand with 1 metre of shielded cable and a high quality 3.5mm mono jack. Connections are strengthened with heat-shrink tubing for durability. The speaker elements are delicate though so, whilst they should withstand average home/gig use, try not to rough them up too much.

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Tripping on Wires Sheffield, UK

Tripping on Wires is a home for DIY Audio Electronics. Specialising in Contact Microphones, Miniature Vibration Speakers, and experimental circuit builds.

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