Paper Circuits Workshop [DIY Ciat-Lonbarde Lil Sidrassi]

from Tripping on Wires


Ciat-Lonbarde's Paper Circuits are a series of experimental electronic instruments that have been shared online for a number of years. Peter Blasser's work often harnesses esoteric approaches to instruments, circuitry, and materials.

Paper Circuits include Rollz-5, Spikering, Chainlock, Mr Grassi, Deerhorn, and a whole host of others (see They use strange symbols and can seem a little daunting at first.

Rather than using PCBs, these designs can be printed on paper and sandwiched around some card. Holes are pierced for component legs and things are twisted and knitted together. It's more akin to weaving than regular soldering and it's quite forgiving if you're not used to soldering.

The Lil Sidrassi has 5 saw oscillators in a petal formation. Each embraces some randomness and individuality through component substitutions. These petals are connected together via touchpoints to create a unique and chaotic noise instrument. The circuit is powered by a 9V battery and has a built-in amplifier with a wired-in speaker, making for a portable and fun introduction to paper circuits.

These designs are freely available and we will be exploring them but this is in no way affiliated with or endorsed by Ciat-Lonbarde/Peter Blasser, I'm just creating a shared environment for building his wonderful creations.

All materials, tools, and equipment will be provided. The workshop will last approx 3 hours.

The studio is on the 3rd floor and only accessible via stairs.

Participants will be limited to 3 so as to maintain social distance. Whilst most Covid restrictions are expected to be lifted by then I'd prefer smaller groups. Covid safety measure will be in place including contact tracing, ventilation, social distancing, hand washing, and cleaning.

Due to the ever-changing nature of life these days, workshops are fully refundable. Basically, if things get shut down again or me/anyone has to cancel due to illness or symptoms you will simply be refunded. If it's feasible to reschedule and you wish to then I'm happy to accommodate. I will be outlaying money on materials so please don't cancel unnecessarily but everyone's health is more important so do what you've got to do.

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Tripping on Wires is a home for DIY Audio Electronics. Specialising in Contact Microphones, Miniature Vibration Speakers, and experimental circuit builds.

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