Spikering [Full DIY Ciat-Lonbarde Build]

from Tripping on Wires

This is a complex, chaotic, and rhythmic noise/synth box with patch points and integrated Rollz-5 circuits to generate patterns.

The Spikering itself is essentially a chaos pulse generator and filter. The pulse generator has delay and chaos knobs and patch points, and the chaos node also works nicely by touch (just touch the tip of a patch lead or use some spiral/twangle touchies etc.). There's also a pulse out so you can recycle the pulses through the rollz brain or try it with other gear.

The filter has pitch control/nodes and a resonance knob. There's a bit of uncertainty about the pitch nodes, in principle it should work for frequency modulation as a balanced signal but I found it most useful as two separate inputs (so you get two different pitch movements working in and around each other).

The filter also has three audio outputs (high, band, and low pass) so choose one and connect straight to an amp, or plug them all into a mixer and shape things from there.

Finally, there's a 5 and 6 roll. I've gone for mid tempo capacitors and a few randoms so each one is slightly different. Connect to the pulse/fm nodes above for rhythmic chaos and up the ante even more by cross patching between the rollz for complex patterns.

This small batch is built on PCB (not paper) and housed in a handmade birch plywood box with a custom front panel. I've oiled the wood too for protection and to bring out the grain.

It runs off of a 9-volt battery.

Shipping includes insurance and tracking. I know it's high but it's not inflated, it's actual cost.

Credit where it's due of course, this is an unofficial Peter Blasser/Ciat-Lonbarde build. I made one for myself and the minimum orders of PCBs/panels are 5 and so I've made a small batch. The original paper circuit (and lots of other cool stuff) can be found here - ciat-lonbarde.net/ciat-lonbarde/TIMARACURRICULUM/TIMARATERIALS/cirques/index.html

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