Spiral Touchies [Prototype]

from Tripping on Wires

These are little PCB touchpads with a 3.5mm jack plug soldered underneath.

They were originally built to go with a custom Lil Sidrassi build where I'm experimenting with various interfaces. These touchpads are the first of these experiments. They work super well for my Lil Sidrassi but, in principle, should work with a multitude of Eurorack modules or other patchable synths with 3.5mm jacks.

Plug them in and make connections with your fingers. Your body has resistance and capacitance so will affect the connection. The spiral on the pads should be slightly inductive and so altering pressure or changing the position of your finger should have small effects making them responsive.

Any audio/CV connection should be perfectly safe but don't plug in anywhere else, safety first!

These are a handful of excess prototypes I thought I'd sell off to any interested parties. Get in touch if you want more information. I don't have the eurorack modules to test extensively yet hence they're discounted and I can't guarantee results.

Note - These are 20mm and, to be sent safely packed, need mailing as a small parcel. That makes postage look a little steep (£4 UK) but, it's the same price regardless of quantity so evens out if you buy a few.

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Tripping on Wires is a home for DIY Audio Electronics. Specialising in Contact Microphones, Miniature Vibration Speakers, and experimental circuit builds.

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