Switched Lil Sidrassi [Full DIY Ciat-Lonbarde Build]

from Tripping on Wires

Lil Sidrassi is a Peter Blasser touch noise synth design, originally a paper circuit. Here, it has been transferred to PCB, modified with switches, is patchable, and is housed in a custom case.

The circuit has 5 noisy saw oscillators, each tuned internally by choice of capacitor values. This has been modified by each oscillator being switchable between two different capacitors (making 31 possible tuning combinations).

Each oscillator has two patch points and connecting these in various combinations creates cross-patching and weird patterns between the different oscillators. These oscillators aren't discrete, they already interact, but through the patch points you get a shifting, buzzing field of noise and squeal. The circuit also has an audio amplifier stage and by connecting one (or more) of the patch points you can feed signals to the audio output.

Here, the patch points are wired to 3.5mm jack sockets. You can use standard patch cables or, check out the plug-in touch interfaces I have built specifically for this. There are touch pads, twangy guitar strings, and loose wires, all of which can be used to stick your fingers in and probe around for sputters, fits, and starts of hiss, buzz, and screech.

The output consists of a built in speaker for portable jamming in a cave or whatever and a 1/4" jack socket. If you plug in the jack it cuts out the speaker (though there can be a little bleed-through) so you can use an amp, mixer, audio recorder etc.

This is housed in a handmade birch plywood box with a custom front panel and oxblood grill cloth. I've oiled the wood too for protection and to bring out the grain.

It runs off of a 9-volt battery (not supplied due to postage restrictions).

Shipping includes insurance and tracking. I know it's high but it's not inflated, it's actual cost.

Credit where it's due of course, this is an unofficial Peter Blasser/Ciat-Lonbarde build. I made one for myself and the minimum orders of PCBs/panels are 5 and so I've made a small batch. The original paper circuit (and lots of other cool stuff) can be found here - www.ciat-lonbarde.net/paper/

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