Shipping and return policies for Tripping on Wires

Shipping Info
**Brexit EU VAT - Please note, there are new rules as of 1st July and EU customers might get a VAT bill and admin charge with any physical purchases. Supposedly, Bandcamp should be responsible for collecting VAT from you at checkout but so far there's nothing in place. Similarly, the services that are meant to be available (e.g. via our postal service) aren't ready or impractical for small sellers. I'll update this and find a solution ASAP but in the meantime, there may be additional charges. Please get in contact with any questions etc.**

Everything is shipped 1st class Royal Mail or their international equivalent. For the UK things should take 1-3 days (and (I'll usually do the mail run within 3 days of order so it could take up to 6 days to arrive). International delivery times vary from country to country.

Covid has slowed down some mail too, so get in touch if anything doesn't show up but please be extra patient.
Return Policy
I get it, it sucks when things aren't right.

Everything's built by hand to a high standard. If something's just faulty it will be replaced or refunded as necessary. If it conks out after a couple of uses, again, replacement or refund.

It's possible for you to break things, especially experimental instruments with touch interfaces where accidental contact with metal or a power source can fry components. Eurorack power connectors must be put in the right way around or you might destroy the module. Battery-powered equipment shouldn't be plugged into a wall socket unless it's confirmed you can do it. The polarity of wall-warts is important to follow. Misadventure can cause death when it comes to mains power, so please be careful.

Many things have safety measures so, if you accidentally misconnect a power connector, a fuse/or diode will blow and can be easily fixed. I can help you diagnose and repair yourself, or you can send it back for a quick fix (though I can't promise on turnaround time). If it's been broken and it's a more complex fix we can discuss and work out a fair price.

For weird prototypes and paper builds, these things are super-DIY and come with a more limited guarantee. They shouldn't conk out on you or anything but they might be more unpredictable and cases might be less robust. Do get in touch with problems and we'll see what we can do.