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3.5mm Mono/Stereo Adaptors

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Handmade with high quality components these are a step up from cheap, wobbly, crackling adaptors. They have been built to fulfil some very specific needs.

First, connecting the (mono) speaker and auxiliary outputs of the Koma Field Kit to devices and signal splitters with stereo jacks. I've also been using my Koma with various vibration speakers and complex signal paths and these adaptors have become absolutely invaluable to my workflow. They would also work anywhere connecting a stereo jacks to a mono socket is causing problems. One end has a mono jack and the other end has a stereo socket with the tip and ring (left and right) intentionally shorted so mono signals flow correctly through a stereo connection.

Second, I've been using various small amps, vibration transducer, and contact mic setups. Sometimes equipment expects a stereo input but I'm using a mono tipped component resulting in only the left or right channel working. Using these adaptors I can mono-ise the connection with the mono signal following through both left and right channels. One and has a stereo jack with the tip and ring (left and right) intentionally shorted and the other has a stereo socket wired for mono only. With this combination a mono signal flows to both channels of a stereo input.

With a 10cm shielded cable length, and high quality connectors these are simple, compact, and utilitarian.

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