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Designed to be used with the Koma Field Kit Sensor and Switch interfaces. These mini DIY sensors allow you to generate control signals from IRL events.

The LDR sensor converts light into Control Voltage via the Field Kit's sensor inputs.

The Switch features a miniature momentary switch and, via the Field Kit's switch input you can generate gate, ramp, and sawtooth signals at the push of a button.

The Koma's outputs can be used with its CV inputs (radio search and DC interface) but for maximum effect pair with other CV controllable equipment.

LDR signals especially can be weak and not all equipment interfaces the same but using the Koma's level and offset adjustments you can find the sweet spot for making your synths talk to each other.

These sensors should be equally compatible with Arduino. They are provided with a 70mm 3-pin 'dupont' extension cable (red - Date, white - 5v, black - Ground) so you get a little room to move things around whilst connected.

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  • Image of Sensors
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